Aging Ungracefully, Parenting Haphazardly, Writing to Soothe My Soul

Sara Orris, Writer

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To The Mother Sitting In Her Car…

I spend an exorbitant amount of time in my car. While in my car, I listen to music and I scroll my phone. I think. I plan. I snack. And I do a good amount of crying.

Things I Didn’t Do On Spring Vacation

As an educator I get a week off mid-April to recharge and build up energy for the busy sprint to the finish line of the school year. Most years, pre-pandemic, I figuratively crawl into spring vacation, almost but not quite defeated by my school year. This year, however, took that exhausted “I need a break” feeling to a whole new level.

You Can’t Heal If You Don’t Feel

Pain, both physical and emotional, serves a purpose. Pain tells us that something is wrong. Pain reminds us to slow down and make better choices.  Pain alerts us to toxicity so we can eliminate it. Pain helps us heal. 

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