Aging Ungracefully, Parenting Haphazardly, Writing to Soothe My Soul

Sara Orris, Writer

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What Is Success?

I wonder if I could be considered a successful adult. There are times when I’ve doubted the choices I’ve made and wonder if I’ve made the wrong choices. Did those choices I made along the way keep me from “success”?

To The Mother Sitting In Her Car…

I spend an exorbitant amount of time in my car. While in my car, I listen to music and I scroll my phone. I think. I plan. I snack. And I do a good amount of crying.

Things I Didn’t Do On Spring Vacation

As an educator I get a week off mid-April to recharge and build up energy for the busy sprint to the finish line of the school year. Most years, pre-pandemic, I figuratively crawl into spring vacation, almost but not quite defeated by my school year. This year, however, took that exhausted “I need a break” feeling to a whole new level.

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